Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gentleman or gentelman?

Say you want to be a gentleman. So, what you should be doing in order to be a gentleman, from my perspective, is to meet her parents asking for permission to marry their daughter ONLY when you are FULLY PREPARED. And what I meant by fully prepared is, having the money to take good care of her including the children you might be having, and acquiring enough knowledge to guide them. Marriage is one serious stuff. Don't take it lightly and make it look so easy. It's not as simple as you might think. Definitely not as simple as saying you want to marry her and *poof*, both of you are married and live happily ever after. Wrong.

It's good if you have the guts to verbally convey your intentions, which I'm terribly bad at, but always remember, action speaks louder than words. There is no point meeting her parents saying you want to marry her, but then you have nothing to offer. So you said you have so much love to give? Love alone is not enough, son. Don't waste your time. Invest some of your time to first learn and look for a permanent job. Don't just give promises and keep her waiting. Say it once you're ready and do it all together. And for that matter, of course I want to be a good gentleman. Pray for me and give me a chance to become one. I will be meeting someone's parents once I got myself prepared.

Now, imagine you want to get a new shirt, but you don't have neither money nor credit card. And then you tell the sales girl, "I want this shirt so badly! If you don't mind, I'll buy it someday.."

So, what do you expect the sales girl to reply?

"Patience; all the good things come to those who waits" -Anonymous

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