Wednesday, December 30, 2009

about women

women are like chocolates.
they're sweet, with beautiful packaging on the outside; well, if not all, most of them do.
eating them makes us happy.
chocolates does improve your mood, in which women give the same effect towards men (true story).
but, there's one weakness in chocolates; they melt in everyone's hands.
the tighter you hold them, the easier they melt.
but if they melt too quickly, they'll drop out of your hands.
aint easy, huh?


  1. yeke. ni aku merapu je ni time patah hati dulu kononnya. hahaha

  2. coklat sedap qik. lagi kalau coklat perisa kopi. kalau macam crispy pun sedap. coklat putih pun sedap. omg omg


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